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Foot Massage


Please note that we do not provide gel/shellac or acrylic nail services. This includes gel/shellac nail polish application & removal.

Living Shore Spa Foot Services are more than a mere maintenance for your nails.

We offer a Spa Experience with all our Foot Treatments.




As part of our commitment to being Nature Positive, embracing industry change and providing a luxurious, effective service for our guests we are now offering the Liv Well Luxury Pedicure. The Liv Well Luxury Pedicure is a dry pedicure and a truly relaxing treatment to relieve tired, heavy, achy feet and legs with the addition of nail care and polish. Enjoy the serenity and comfort of a private treatment room, snuggle into a bed with a heated lap pillow to soothe you while your skilled esthetician provides a pampering pedicure as well as hand massage.

60 mins ~ $110

To extend your self-care treatment, add on:

  • Hot Stone Foot/Leg Massage ~ $10

  • Holistic Scalp Massage 15 min ~ $30

  • Petite Facial 30 min ~ $65



Foot Massage can be far more beneficial to both physical and mental health than most people realize.  At Living Shore Spa we offer a selection of modalities that meet your unique needs and comfort level..


Benefits of Foot Massage Treatments
  • Relaxation: Experience an overall feeling of wellbeing and increased relaxation.

  • Improves Circulation: muscles in the feet tend to experience very little exercise and circulation is hampered by sedentary lifestyle and constricted shoes

  • Reduce Foot and Ankle Injury: massage of the feet can help with joint pain, injury recovery as well as reduce muscle soreness. Massage can aid in the prevention of future injuries by keeping the foot strong and flexible

  • Aids in alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety and blood pressure: deeper massage such as Thai Foot or Reflexology can go beyond simply relaxing people during the massage and have demonstrated regular sessions can aid in dealing with depression or anxiety.

  • Relieves Headaches: Reduces suffering of headaches through pressure points and increased circulation.

  • Helps with Flat Feet and Plantar Fasciitis: regular foot exercises combined with massage can significantly reduce pain for these conditions.

*Menu prices subject to change

All Spa Services are Subject to a 48 Hour Cancellation Policy

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